Seren Silver Owl Pendant – Version 3


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Seren is a stunning, swooping Silver Barn Owl pendant. 

This pendant was created by hand piercing the design from a sheet of sterling silver with a jeweller’s saw.  Next, I extensively filed and hand-engraved to add detail and depth to the feathers.  The process was time consuming, but certainly worth the effort!

Next, I have decorated her with star impressions, and hand engraved feather details. Then I  attached the silver owl to a beautifully textured circle, made from a casting of a real twig in solid sterling silver. 

Seren hangs from a pretty 18 inch silver satellite chain, with enough sparkle and detail to compliment the pendant without distracting.  

  • Entirely handmade
  • Solid 925 silver
  • Unique design from my original drawing
  • Bewitching wearable art
  • Perfect gift for owl lovers

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