Designer hare jewellery

Hare Jewellery

By now I’m sure you may have noticed that I might be *slightly* obsessed with hares – they feature heavily in many of my designs. I am fascinated by these lovely creatures and often find myself doodling hares when designing, resulting in many original pieces of hare jewellery. My range includes hare rings, hare pendants, and even some tiny silver moon-gazing hare pictures.

Silver Hare Pendants

Here is a small selection of my silver hare pendants: Simply click on any of the pictures below for more information about that particular piece of silver hare jewellery, or to link to my shop where you will find many other handmade designer pieces of silver jewellery. All my pieces are 100% sterling silver, traditionally made and hand-finished in my workshop in Lancashire.

 Etched Silver Hare Pendant



So Why Hares

The symbol of the moon-gazing hare dates back to ancient times and is almost universal throughout cultures ranging from ancient China, to ancient Egypt. Pagans believed that seeing a moon-gazing hare would bring growth, re-birth, abundance, new beginnings and good fortune. The hare signifies the fertility of Spring and new life as the sun returns to the earth. The fields around where I live are full of hares, and I think there is nothing more magical than spending time watching these inspiring creatures in their natural habitat.